Why Choose Facelet

How is Facelet different from digital signage screens, self-service kiosks, or any other single-purpose “digital for physical” solution?

Facelet is a SaaS product that solves more than one pain a brick-and-mortar business can face and helps businesses build seamless omnichannel experiences in an out-of-the-box fashion.

Let’s now see what we mean by that.

  1. Facelet is ready to work with your business

    You don’t need to hire developers, rent servers, or order some difficult-to-find hardware. Facelet is being deployed as a SaaS product, so all you need is an iPad and your content to add to the app or to synchronize it with your online store data.

    Every business has its own peculiarities, and our support team will always be there to help you adjust Facelet to your business and implement custom integrations for special cases.

  2. Facelet solves more than one business objective

    Facelet turns your iPad into a digital kiosk that helps you promote your brand, inform your visitors and customers, showcase your products and services, digitally extend your product shelves, empower your staff, and analyze both personnel performance and customer interaction data.

  3. Facelet is designed to work as a digital kiosk

    Built as a native Apple iPad app and designed specially for touch screen, Facelet is faster and more user friendly than regular web-based solutions or built-in software for kiosk hardware. All your content is managed in real time in the Facelet admin panel, which makes any iPad device your potential Facelet kiosk.

  4. Facelet is easy to manage

    You manage all the kiosk app content via the easy-to-use web admin panel. You can access your admin panel from any web browser — desktop or mobile and apply all changes to kiosk content in real time.

  5. Facelet is secure

    All your data is securely stored in the Amazon cloud server. The kiosks’ content is protected and you can access it from anywhere using your account and personal Facecode.

  6. Facelet helps you analyze and grow your business

    Built-in digital analytics lets you track your audience’s interactions with the kiosks. Know your customers’ behaviour and interests in your physical locations and grow a customer-centered business.