Among our clients and partners are jewelry stores, furniture retailers, apparel manufacturers, automobile brands, and more.

Territoriya Sna
Goods for sleep store chain

territoriya sna

Alexandra Stepanok

Sales Associate

Our chain features 152 models of beds, each having color and texture variations. Naturally, we can’t physically showcase all these variations in a store. Facelet helps our sales associates visually introduce each model with all its variations to a customer, so the latter could come up with their perfect choice.

Dom Kofe
Coffee machines retailer

dom kofe

Dmytry Matsypuro

Store Director

With Facelet, we extended the number of products available in-store. In average, a Dom Kofe chain store showcases up to 40 units of coffee-making devices, while our online store offers around 200 models. Thanks to the Endless Aisle feature provided by the Facelet app, we can sell all our models both online and offline.

Silver jewelry store chain


Andrey Kopylov

Head of Multichannel Sales

Facelet is an easy-to-use platform, ideal for jewelry stores. The endless aisle feature allows presenting all our pieces and their variations using a single tablet. Facelet has great potential.

Furniture store chain


Kristina Golovyatenko

Regional Managing Director

We offer a wide variety of furniture, and not all models can be presented properly in a physical store. Thanks to Facelet, we are now able to show models of all the sizes and colors, and display how they fit different interiors.

Brand dealership


Alexey Molchanov

Sales Manager

We used Facelet for the new Fiat 500X promo campaign. Using a tablet with a native app is much more convenient than the custom touch screen panel we were using before – it’s easy, fast, and intuitive for the customer.

Brand dealership


Roman Tarnovetsky

Sales Director

A tablet with the Facelet app is convenient to make presentations right at the car. Our sales associates can show all new accessories and the model with different colors and rims.

The customer can get a comprehensive visual and text information on the car and send it to their email and make the purchase decision as soon as they ready to.