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How Facelet Helps a Bed and Mattress Store Chain Showcase and Sell More Items Offline

In May 2017, Territoriya Sna, a mattress store in Dnipro, Ukraine started using iPad tablets with the Facelet app. Using Facelet and its endless aisle feature, the store can now show the entire range of products their chain offers, and their sales assistants can provide more information about the goods to the customers in a more timely fashion.

The tablets will also be featured in the Territoriya Sna stores in Lviv and Odessa shortly.

Territoriya Sna is one of the largest chains of stores selling goods for sleeping in Ukraine. The company offers mattresses, beds, bedside tables and bed linen. It seems impossible to showcase such an assortment of products in a limited store area.

To address this issue, Territoriya Sna has chosen to use Facelet.

“Our chain features 152 models of beds, each having color and texture variations. Naturally, we can’t physically showcase all these variations in a store. Facelet helps our sales associates visually introduce each model with all its variations to a customer, so the latter could come up with their perfect choice,” — says Aleksandra Stepanok, a store sales associate in Dnipro.

product page on the tablet that show bedroom

This is how the store visitors see the product page on the tablet

Tablets with the endless aisle feature help store assistants increase their sales as they can place an online order and close the deal right on the spot.

the shop assistant show a young girl the variants of beds in the digital kiosk

Aleksandra Stepaniuk shows the variants of beds using the tablet

Sales assistants can also send information about the goods to a customer’s e-mail using the tablet, so that store visitors can decide to place an order later. This way Territoriya Sna will retain customers and expand its clientele for further promotional campaigns.

As Territoriya Sna assumes, Facelet solutions will help the company to:

  • Increase sales of their beds
  • Win their customers back and increase the number of purchases after sending product info to the customer’s email
  • Increase the number of clicks on Territoriya Sna website from the emails sent via Facelet to the customers

The development of digital sales channels has changed consumer demands. Customers seek to get full information about a product that will help them make a purchase decision on their own. Usually, brick-and-mortar stores lack such information.

To close the gap between online and offline sales channels and meet the growing customer expectations, retailers need to implement digital technologies in their stores. Territoriya Sna realizes that and uses technology to streamline workflow processes and provide a better service.