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Weekly Digest #7: Facelet Blog Total Recall

Hey! Here’s this year’s last weekly digest. Previously, we’ve spoken of the holiday season and new in-store technologies, made some predictions for 2018, learned more about customers’ habits and tried to understand why omnichannel is the future of retail.

In the final weekly digest, we decided to go the other way and gather all the interesting articles and posts from our blog, and make a conclusion about what we. Let’s see what 2017 has brought to us.


We created our product as a tool for omnichannel and connected physical businesses, so it was important for us to explain what is the omnichannel approach and how it helps retailers to improve their business.

In June we’ve published a long read where we answered to following questions:

  • What’s the difference between multichannel, cross-channel and omnichannel?
  • Why do retailers need omnichannel?
  • What do retailers need to go omnichannel?
  • What hinders retailers from going omnichannel?
  • What advantages omnichannel has?

Read and get to know what omnichannel strategy really means and why does it matter for today’s retailers.

Retail Apocalypse Is but a Myth

At the beginning of the year, the industry was going crazy about the idea that physical stores are going to disappear and e-commerce would become the king of retail.

But actually, it’s not true. And we’ve explained why in our article “The Myth of Retail Apocalypse, or why Offline Stores are here to stay”. If you haven’t read yet, here is a small spoiler for you: nine of ten major US retailers do not specialize in e-commerce.

Think about it and read the article.

In-store tech

We’ve published four showcases how technologies can change the industry. Here they are:

Industry: Fashion
Article: Smart Fitting Rooms: How They Work and Why Stores Need Them
Fact to think about: According to the 2016 research by BodyLabs published in 2016, 76% of buyers try on clothes and 91% of buyers try on shoes before purchasing.

Industry: Furniture
Article: How Facelet Helps a Bed and Mattress Store Chain Showcase and Sell More Items Offline
Fact to think about: Endless aisle helps present 152 models of beds in one physical store.

Industry: Equipment
Article: How Facelet Turns iPad Into a Digital Kiosk for a Cofee Equipment Store
Fact to think about: Endless aisle helps present 200 models of coffee machines while the physical store can show only 40 of them.

Industry: Auto
Article: What Digital Transformation Brings to Auto Dealerships
Fact to think about: According to AutoTrader’s research, it takes buyer an average of 2.38 hours to close the deal.


Christmas is just around the corner. It’s the time when we need to analyze the results of our work, think about the future and come up plans for the next year. Have a nice holiday, and don’t forget about developing your business, and we’ll help you with it.

See you next year!