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Rustam Tagiev
A Facelet digital kiosk at a Subaru Forester model

What Digital Transformation Brings to Auto Dealerships

In this article, we’ll focus on why digital transformation and digital in-store experiences can be applied to auto dealerships.

Rustam Tagiev
Digital kiosk at an automotive dealership

The Future of Auto Retail: How Retailers Can Keep Up with Customer Expectations

In this article, we’ll explore what customers expect from auto dealers, from the car-buying process itself, what technological trends challenge automotive retailers, and how can retailers adapt to meet customer expectations.

Violetta Kim
A closed store sign

The Myth of Retail Apocalypse, or Why Offline Stores Are Here to Stay

In early 2017 when 8,600 shops including those of J.C., Macy's, and Penney were closed together with a bunch of large shopping malls. Media dubbed these events as the beginning of the retail apocalypse. In this article, we tell about five main reasons why the so-called retail apocalypse is but a myth.