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Bring online retail to your store

Brand cohesion is a challenge—so is being everywhere at once. Kiosks serve many purposes. They allow you to tell your brand’s story, showcase products in your back stock, and help make the sale. Plus, they empower sales associates with additional product specs and brand info.

A kiosk functions as an extra sales associate and a brand ambassador.

Convert more visitors

Some people love to casually shop. Others love to casually scroll. Capture all types of store visitors (especially the digitally obsessed) with increased point-of-sale opportunities.

Visitors gain immediate access to the details they want. Facelet reports on customer interest, so you close more sales now and later.

Turn your tablet into a kiosk

Visual Merchandizing

Expand your visual merchandizing efforts with digital details. Treat products to a focus on function, lifestyle, or both. Provide critical stats and product interactions alongside videos and images with emotional pull.

Endless Aisle

Save shelf space by keeping some options virtual. Don’t miss a sale if something’s sold out. List the full range of size, style, and colors available so customers make the purchase now and receive it later, instead of walking away.

Brand Engagement

Set the theme for an area of the store. Markets are crowded — your Facelet app is not. Here’s your chance to customize the brand story you share with your audience.

Facelet creates more in-store transactions

For Brick and Mortar

  • Sell products or variations that don’t fit in the store.
  • Allow customers to shop for additional products all on their own.
  • Create kiosks that showcase certain lines or collections.
  • Give sales associates access to full product details.

For Brands

  • Install branded kiosks in your distributors’ stores.
  • Deliver the full range of product collections.
  • Help sales associates become authorities on your brand.
  • Create context or collection specific kiosks.

For Pop-Up Stores

  • Maximize the use of creative retail space with endless aisle.
  • Embark on opportunities to spread brand awareness.
  • Collect critical data on customer interest in new markets.

For Showrooms

  • Easily display full product details and product use.
  • Provide explainer videos, tutorials, or commercials.
  • Look book.
  • Gain analytics on regional interest and merchandize accordingly.



All of your updates are saved securely in Amazon cloud, so you can quickly add Facelet to additional kiosk devices. Each device is password protected.

Context aware

Bring customers visual information that is relevant to the section of the store where the kiosk is located.

Analytic reporting

Know what customers are engaging with in real time and which products or widgets get the most views and searches in a store or geographic region.



Sync products from your Shopify store and organize them however you want. Send kiosk purchases to your store’s POS. More integrations are on the way!

Simple data management

Intuitive, easy-to-use widgets allow for simple management of product information, brand messaging, and digital signage.


Your business has unlimited support via email. Shoot us a question and we will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Easy setup

No coding required—just upload product and brand information exactly where you want it to go.


Simple customization

Choose from existing templates that match your style or apply individual settings to fit the kiosk perfectly within brand guidelines.

Bring digital to your store today

All you need is an iPad

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